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's pocketses to stimulate the economy. president bush sent taxpayers a refund check while obama has cut payroll taxes. p falling off the cliff is a reversal of that approach. that's why the cbo estimates economic growth would drop under 1% to just .5%. and unemployment could jump over a point to 9.1%. heather, we know the costs, we understand this game because the republicans have been playing it for a while. do you think anything has shifted post-election in way that will actually get a deal done? >> i think what's really come to roost for conservatives has been the fact they were pushing a vision for our economy that included basically just this, except for the tax increases, right. they said starting in 2010, the deficit is the most important thing, it's the most important thing, and now, they're basically faced with immediate deficit reduction and realize, oh, this is actually going to cost jobs in the near term. the majority of the american people want deficits and jobs are going head to head which they are, if you're cutting spending an raising taxes particularly on the people who spend t
billion over the coming ten years. panetta has voiced concern that further cuts could undermine barack obama's new defense strategy that lays more emphasis on the asia pacific region. >>> japanese officials are scratching their heads about how to deal with sluggish trade. sales to foreign countries have plunged leaving japan in a trade deficit for the fourth straight month. finance ministry officials released preliminary figures shortly before the markets opened. the deficit came in at $6.7 billion. exports fell by 6.5% from a year earlier. exports have fallen five months in a row. cars and steel led the drop and imports fell by 1.6% from a year earlier. exports to europe tumbled more than 20%. the debt crisis has dampened demand. exports to china fell more than 11%. consumers upset about the material -- territorial dispute are shying away from japanese goods. >>> serieses say the settlement body upheld most of the -- wto officials sent a final report to the parties involved. the document advises ontario to rer rectify the issue. the wto says the -- canadian officials may appeal the de
-income households will be hit the hardest. why? >> well, there are many credits that were in the bush obama tax cuts, those expire and it will impact literally as you mention tens of millions are americans are going to be impacted. what we hear out of the white house, it's mainly top income earners but that is far from the facts. this will have a devastating impact for many people. for the holiday season it could be a devastating blow to the economy as well. heather: something else i found interesting when i was looking through the stats, a married couple making between 20 to 30,000 a year will go from receiving on average a $15 tax credit to owing over $1,400. so there is the marital tax credit as well. >> yes, we have marriage penalty will kickback in again and numerous other things will happen. child tax credit will be decreased. that's why i think we should extend all of these, give us a year for fundamental tax reform in washington, but right now the administration is focused on the 2% that he would like to pay higher taxes and frankly we need more jobs we don't need higher taxes in this countr
that obama is talking about taxing, the most you could cut off the deficit is 5%, something insanely small. that will not do anything. the message has to be to cut spending and until that resonates with americans, have to realize the economy will keep declining. melissa: ho huggies is a spendig problem, not a revenue problem? >> the left is always going to try to appeal to the low information voter. so we have to take information, make it really simple, on complicated and communicated in a narrative that can be marketed to the masses of people. if you take the tax increases of those making over $250,000 per year, it is a drop in the bucket. 56 b of money we're talking about reducing the deficit to something like 1.15 trillion bit of 1.2 trillion. we have to communicate that we have to keep sticking it to them to say that debt is on our children and future and some point the grim reaper will take it back so we have some point when people are hurting bad enough realizing obama has not come in and saved us yet, maybe then they will start listening. >> thank you. melissa: now the jewelry deale
their article describing said freak out. upper income taxpayers look for ways to sidestep obama tax plan. he said he would end the tax cuts for the wealthy. and abc news found after the election that at least some of the people in this country making over $250,000 a year were just freaking out about that. "a 63-year-old attorney based in louisiana who asked not to be named told abc news that she plans to cut back on her business to get her annual income under the $250,000 mark should the obama tax plan be passed by congress and become law. we were going to try to make our income $249,999 she said." this is nuts. if i could just lower my income, i will avoid the tax hike. i will purposely make less money so i don't fall into the tax hike category. this is nuts, right? this is a fundamental misunderstanding. this is like that old joke about the three guys sitting about the one thing they would take with them to survive if they knew they would be trapped in the desert. the first guy would bring a compass so i could find my way out. the second guy would bring as much water i could carry so i cou
of the land. >> i'm reasonable. i'm responsible. obama care's the law of the land. now, there's a guy the president can work with, right? wrong. politico says that boehner's opening offer to the president is to keep the bush tax cuts, cut entitlements, and postpone cuts to the pentagon. in other words, they haven't budged at all. how is that compromise? how is that reasonable? but it gets worse. speaker boehner now says the health care law should go under the knife. boehner says, quote, we can't afford it. we can't afford to leave it in tact. that's why i've been clear that the law has to stay on the table as both parties discuss ways to solve our nation's massive debt challenge. folks, this debate is over. the american people have spoken. mitt romney ran on two big ideas in this campaign. cut the taxes and reveal our obama care. he lost. those ideas lost. but they didn't learn a thing. joining me now is congressman keith ellison, democrat for minnesota. he's co-chair of the progressive caucus. and former pennsylvania governor ed rendell, now an nchl bc news political analyst. thank y
the bush tax cuts to the 2001, 2003 tax cuts for two years. why would that not be what you do? well, obama's as i'm going to hold my breath until i turn blue and stamp my feet because i insist on this. two years ago he said he didn't want to raise taxes on small businesses and americans, earning $250,000 more a year. because it would damage the economy. now evidently he thinks this economy is stronger than it was two years ago, or in better shape today that economic hit. it's an interesting question. as to how that goes. if you go over that tax cliff and taxes are raised dramatically, the house will already passed the extendable. the president will say i'm not signing it. the president thinks he can expand to the country that the republicans did it. well, it's an interesting question. can? on the sequester, i thought if the republicans when the house, senate, presidency sequestration would not happen because the republicans would pass with running a bill that saves the same amount of money, didn't give up any of the savings from the sequester, but, in fact, did so by contacting the pentago
's in response to the rocket attacks by hamas. secretary of state hillary clinton cut her asia trip with president obama short to fly to the middle east to help broker a truce. she just wrapped up a meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in jerusalem. later today she'll meet with the palestinian president and then fly to egypt to meet with mohammed morsi. >> the goal must reach legitimate aspirations of israelis and palestinians alike. >> right now, no sign that a deal is even close. besides a cease fire, hamas wants some of the restrictions eased at the gaza border. israel is demanding a long-term agreement and says that if a diplomatic solution is not reached, they're ready for a ground war. people in the bay area are closely watching these developments unfold. let's check in with jody hernandez. >> reporter: janelle, a lot of folks here in the bay area are feeling a sense of helplessness as they watch the violence unfold in the middle east. many have friends or family members either in israel or in the gaza strip. today we got a very real sense of what families wh
the 16 trillion. >> no, to bring concessions out of barack obama. the sequester and spending cuts that no one wants to happen 2013. bring them . bring on the defense and social program cuts and you tellux barack obama what you will do to prevent that from january 1st. >> brian: putting the pressure back on the white house. >> that is the only leverage point. he doesn't want to cut discretionary spending by hundred billion this year. >> brian: james, the key to the whole thing is to preserve investment rates, because if it stays at 15 percent that's where it should be. >> that's what mr. boehner is aiming for. if dividend go from 15 to 20, huge disincentive to invest hurts the competent. >> brian: people will not invest because it is it a risk. james freeman. glad to have you back. >>reporter: right. >> brian: we hope so. 19 minutes after the hour. she was not happy with the divorce case. you are looking at it now she's in big trouble . then your house and car under water, but you have to go to work. what would you do? you are go to meet a moment who swam to work in hurricane sandy
was the extension of the bush tax cuts. president obama wasn't interested in a deal because he didn't have much leverage. that meant any deal would favor the republicans and alienate his core constituencies. you fast forward to now, look, all negotiations go through ups and downs, but the bottom line is that both sides need a deal. if the republicans push us off the fiscal cliff, they will be blamed for the subsequent recession and they'll pay the price in 2014. president obama also needs a deal because history doesn't remember who the speaker of the house was during a period of weak economic growth. the president gets the credit or the blame. he's going to be written about for 300 years and he does not want to preside over eight years of the weakest growth in u.s. history. so, he needs a deal so that the next four years are better than the last four years. >> we'll see. obviously, still the opening days of this process. charlie, the fed chairman in new york yesterday referring to these talks, reiterating how important it is they get done. he coined the term, fiscal cliff, "the washington post"
. >>> federal reserve chairman ben bernanke is pushing congress and the obama administration to reach an agreement of tax increases and spending cuts in the so-called fiscal cliff. without a deal the fiscal cliff could trigger a recession next year and congress must act by january 1st in order to avoid that automatic tax increase and spending cuts. >>> time is 6:15. a new stumbling block for hillary clinton's chances to reach a middle east cease fire. a bus explosion in tel aviv. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom. alison. >> reporter: dave, we received a statement from the white house within the past hour calling the attack on innocent civilians outrageous. israelis say it was a terrorist attack the bus bombing in tel aviv hurt at least 18 people. three seriously. hamas praised the attack but did not claim responsibility. secretary of state hillary clinton who is in egypt at this hour also issued a statement saying the u.s. strongly condemns the attack and ready to provide any assistance that israel requires. secretary clinton is is calling for a truth and longer t
how the democracy influences other countries. >>> well, ben bernanke is pushing both the obama administration and congress to reach a deal on how to avoid tax increases and spending cuts in that so-called fiscal cliff. bernanke says without a new deal, the fiscal cliff could trigger a recession next year. the congress has to act by january 1st m order to avoid the -- in order to avoid the automatic tax hikes and spending cuts. >>> san francisco's board of supervisors has approved an ordinance they say will better track the bedbug problem. thesupporters of the ordinance say this will help chart direction of the bedbugs in the city. the san francisco health department received 370 complaints about bedbugs in 2010. >>> uc berkely out of thousands of dollars of computer equipment this morning after the latest burglary on campus. police say someone broke into a locked video lab in northgate hall sunday night and the suspect stole ten apple computers worth $23,000. >>> for two very special turkeys, this day before thanksgiving is a big day in washington, d.c. i understand stood every
.s. example can influence other countries. >>> ben bernanke is pushing congress and the obama administration to work out an agreement on the deal to avoid tax hikes and spending cuts. bernanke says without a deal, the fiscal cliff could trigger a recession next year. congress has to act by january 1st in order to avoid the automatic tax hikes and spending cuts. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton's efforts to help broke aerocease fire in the united states is fading -- breaker a cease fire in the united states is fading. >>> there are reports this hour that israelis are stepping up air strikes in gaza in retaliation for this bus explosion in tel aviv. israelis are calling it a terrorist attack that hurt at least 18 passengers anaphia bystanders. hamas praised the attack but did not claim responsibility. secretary of state hillary clinton who was in egypt just issued a statement saying the u.s. strongly condemns the attack and ready to provide assistance that israel requires. secretary clinton is calling for a cease fire but also trying to negotiate a longer term solution. >> the goal must
doing it because of barack obama. we got people to take pay cuts and giveaway golden parachutes because they wanted to work for barack obama. >> is that true, this was the most expensive in history? >> totally. we had to weigh more than last time. we registered with more voters. we had more volunteers. 2008 was a magical campaign. 2012, we finally got good at it. we spent five years learning how to do it. the best story, in august, i went to a convention in ohio. this amazing team leader said to me, the simplest thing about the obamacare campaign, i have been organizing for barack obama since 2007. i know everybody in my neighborhood. i know the democrats who might forget to vote. i know the independence and i know how they make up their mind. she looked at me and said, the rounding guy just came from out of state. could you think is going to be better? that was true. polls showed we got a majority of voters that this side of the final day of the campaign. in part that was because of the president and in part because they got a door knock, let me walk you through why i, your neighbor, w
with the congress on having your aid cut off if you keep inciting violence between the israelis and the palestinians. >> remember as well, it was only two months ago that president obama told television interviewer that he didn't believe egypt was an ally anymore, that raised a lot of eyebrows at the time. but today we're told the president has now spoken to president morsi three times in the last 24 hours, including on air force one. he needs him as an ally. >> shep: for now, the focus on gaza. but big picture, iran? >> no doubt because of iran's influence on hamas and other terror groups. and there are a lot of security experts who say that this just may be the -- this violence may be the beginning of a much broader conflict in the days ahead to an israel -- between israel and iran. take a listen. >> the problems in the middle east are so continuing. there is a rise of al-qaeda in the middle east and they're taking advantage of the revolutionary change that's sweeping through the region. they were not the catalyst for it. but they are seeking the opportunity on advantage from it. in the shadows he
, there will be huge automatic tax increases and spending cuts. dave cote knows what's at stake. he's the c.e.o. of honeywell and a member of the simpson-bowles commission which came up with the budget plan. last week, president obama sought his advice. we asked cote to put america's debt into perspective by comparing it to the size of the overall economy. >> our debt is higher as a percent of g.d.p. today than it has been at any time in our history since the revolutionary war with the exception of the end of world war ii when we had a very good reason to be doing that. so we have to do something. >> pelley: what is the size of the problem? >> our net debt today if you include the impact of borrowing from social security is about $11 trillion today and over the next ten years grows to about $20 trillion. that means our annual interest bill would be a trillion dollars a year. it's ridiculous! >> pelley: dave cote knows about fixing finances. he pulled honeywell out of a slump. it's one of america's largest industrial conglomerates. 130,000 employees make products ranging from aircraft parts
more on the line than meets the eye. juan williams on fox news.com. how can president obama and his fellow democrats asked seniors and middle-class workers to accept major cuts in the safety net programs? that is the outcome they promised to stop the gop from executing. and how will the president explained why they predicted economic slowdown that could result from harsh automatic cuts in government spending? without a deal, the second term agenda will be lost in a sea of economic fear. and the man who wrote back, juan williams, he joins us now. bradley also joined us, a former deputy assistant george w. bush. you are saying that the popular notion that the president holds all the cards here in this economic negotiation, that notion is not necessarily correct? >> correct. it is a hidden story here. everyone expects after the election, republicans are on the ropes because the president was very clear about wanting to raise taxes and the voters voted for him. but he promised people that he would protect them. if this deal happens, you will see taxes go up on 90% of americans. for exam
been held, 29% said they blamed president obama while 53% said they would blame republicans in congress. former mississippi governor hailey barber was asked whether republicans should be open to upping tax rates if they got spending cuts in return. he said "if there's enough savings, if there's enough entitlement reform, if there's enough certainty about tax reform in the next few years, i would." i could keep going, but i'll leave it there. grover norquist says in the article, not to worry. "it's been 22 years since a republican voted for a tax increase in this town. this is not my first rodeo yes, it is. maybe it isn't. but the fact that you didn't fall off the bull at your rodeo doesn't mean you won't fall off at your 60th. but what isn't good news for grover may be. good news for the country. democrats are now and they have been for some time open to spending cuts. in fact, they already passed a trillion dollars of them into law in 2011. if republicans are willing to let the bush tax cuts for the rich expire as part of a larger framework, it's going to be not just a quiet christmas
americans back to work. not cutting the things we rely on most. >> this is just one part of the campaign to strengthen and support the middle class in this country. on a conference call last week, president obama made a direct personal appeal to 30,000 of his top campaign activists. he says it's not time to let up. the president told supporters he will barnstorm across the country to keep people engaged in negotiations over the talks. the president's allies also plan on harnessing the power of the obama campaign including the dashboard, a social network built by the obama team. the campaign manager says dash board helped win the election. it will now be used to promote the president's agenda. >> you could see people using dashboard to say, okay, i want to talk about the choices in front of us in the fiscal cliff. we did over 350,000 events on dashboard. it would be easy for supporters to start asking people to call members of congress. >> the biggest assets is republican stubbornness. here's tea party senator rand paul addressing incoming republicans about the fiscal cliff. >> but the bo
. and this is a way of president obama being able to make the case that perhaps for egypt there could be something in it. some people here, for example, have pushed for cutting funding to them, they get about $450 million a year from the united states. and this could be inoculation from that, by president obama, saying, look, he came to the fore, and he pushed for this agreement, this cease-fire and we'll have to see whether it is doable. but there was success in that. and then also the role of hillary clinton, you know. obviously her very intense shuttle diplomacy to try to carry out what the president wanted and her own ability to help smooth the way for this. >> jill dougherty, for years now, though, for six years at least, the u.s. and israel tried to politically isolate hamas. has that now completely failed? >> well, don't think they can completely isolate them. the reality that they see now is hamas, like it or not, controls gaza. so what you have to do is try to bring them on board. and the only person who can really do that, who is able to do that, is mohamed morsi. after all, muslim broth
taxes and not cut spending? we got to a huge government ten years ago, and in the last ten years, we probably tripled what we had ten years ago. >> right. and previous obama -- the republicans lost their fiscal prudent way. that was part of the problem. but expenses are going to get cut. it's going to be from both sides. no matter what we do, unless we kick the can for six months, it's going to lead to a mild recession. i don't care how you slice it. raising taxes and cutting spending, austerity or revenue increases is not good for the economy in the short term. >> in the long term, that's what we're banking on, that growth someday gets back to 3% or 4%. >> joe, you gave me a great segue here. i'm holding up the speech. it's the ten-year anniversary of the so called bernanke helicopter speech to the day, november 21st, 2002. here it is. and he talks about the fiscal policy -- because i was reading it last night, just to go back. it's amazing what it says in there. really referring to friedman's helicopter drop. but he'll be there. and he told them yesterday, we're not the only game i
trillion-dollar tax increase or five particularly since the spending cuts have been agreed to by the democrats and obama included. he knows he is and for that and then the republicans offer to put them into subsequent savings from the budget control act. when they spent nine months discussion from simpson-bowles which is a tax increase and hints that the tax reform and its spending reform and when we finally went into the room to see what they came up with they didn't have legislative language that should have taken two weeks but they didn't have anything. they didn't have anything in nine months. why? because it isn't real. people say this imaginary agreement that isn't written down over the massive tax increase and the spending, simpson-bowles is a distraction from the fact that the two parties fundamentally disagree on the country, and this is where we have people who tell you why don't we have the good old days of bipartisan compromise telling you how old they are? because they are old enough to remember 30 years ago when the parties didn't mean anything in terms of bei
: the tax cuts under george bush -- george w. bush, add another $1.20 trillion. these have all been coming forward and get the blame obama. the rich have had all the benefits. i was a business owner. we had 182 employees. i did not have to close my door is. host: what was your business? caller: i went for your without a paycheck. we had a family business we started from scratch, my husband and i, in 1949. i don't see any excuse for these people. i hear the same line. it must've been written for them by someone else, that they will close their doors. it's time we call the bluff of the republican party and say that, we know you are for the 1% because they are the one who finances you, but we have a right to own home, to food, to health care. they can cut the salaries of the hmo executives. in 1966 steve took millions out of oxford health plan and history of dealings took another $100 million. host: now to the republican line from california, ron waiting to talk to us. caller: good morning. good job. the issues are occluded. the whole congress -- i blame the entire congress for holding americ
save us this morning. >> it was in his pants. >> oh, my gosh. >> cut the mike over here and lock in on mike allen. you guys -- you got the first sit down post election interview with obama campaign manager jim mess siena, a guy called a genius after the way the obama campaign won the election. he talked about how republicans were surprised democrats had methodical, kind of corporate style campaign. here's a little bit of that interview. >> the best example that i heard was, friend of mine was in wisconsin the week before the election and he called and let me tell you the story about why i think you're running a smarter campaign. i was told to knock on two doors. one was to chase an absentee ballot and i watched the person fill it out and we mailed it together, the second one an undecided voter i was giving a very specific persuasion script, had a great conversation and i'm sure that person is going to vote for us on election. one block, only two doors. that is using volunteer's times more wisely. honoring them, saying to them, every contact you're going to make is going to matter
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)

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